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Take a trip through our process and learn how to start getting your design project underway.  In the meantime, here's a little diddy from our founder.

That beautiful woman on my left is my soulmate and partner in life.  She tolerates my many hours working on design stuff and so I just wanted to give her some credit.  

Neal Dlin

Founder and Chief "make things look good" Officer

Hi, I'm Neal and Whiz Brain is my company.  


About 6 years ago, I began a charitable project called Unsung Heres Productions ( Being a major DIY kind of guy and wanting to be able to keep costs low and fundraising high, I took on all design for Unsung Heroes.

It wasn't long before I wasn't just designing sites, posters, ads, logos and programmes for Unsung.  Our Sponsors, who were buying ads, often didn't have any good creative to use.  So I started making ads.  


Then, I made a website for my wife.  Then my  brother.  Then friends.  Then colleagues.  It wasn't long before I realized that I actually sort of love it.  


What I also learned about websites was that even though I was using great tools like Wix (which is a very intuitive tool for anyone who wants to DYI and something I would always recommend trying before hiring a company),  many people still struggle .  Either they struggle to adapt to the editor  or they struggle with how to add on and connect functional site tools.  Tools like online stores, long forms, email subscriptions, social feeds, online booking, events calendars, event management, online forums, social sharing and more.  

Finally, I learned that even those who were able to figure out often didn't have an eye for design or usability beyond the basic template they chose to use.  Or quite simply don't have the time to manage it all.

I began Whiz Brain for all of you who feel that way.  For anyone who wants to elevate their business with a site that is both beautiful and functional.  For anyone who was made to feel like they should be able to do it themselves when really, it's not the right path for everyone.   It just shouldn't be that hard and the alternative for many is spending upwards of $10,000 for a website that under delivers and/or they don't know how to  maintain.


So coupled with the graphic design work I was already doing and the need out there for someone to help with creating and maintaining really usable, beautiful and effective sites, Whiz Brain was born.  The main goal is really to remove stress and massive investment costs for small and medium size business and not for profits like me.  

So reach out for a free 20 minute consultation where we can discuss if Whiz Brain can help you!  I am always excited to talk design.  

Things are looking better already!

Get hip to our list.

We talk about all things design.  Things that can help your brand shine, your graphics pop and your site work harder for your business.  We'll also let you know when we have a promotion going on.  

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